Baby and Newborns

Baby and Newborns

Two pictures from today!

Today we planned to take some very special pictures from our newborn daughter. I think, it is important to have nice pictures to show to her later. I think, having nice pictures from yourself as a baby is always something very special. 

Two pictures, one week between... basically before and after

Me, I can see already a significant change! It is only one week ago, lots of ours awake, lots of beautiful moments and loads of peace and happiness. Today she started to smile at her parents, basically repeating the smile we give her! She is fine and at best healthy conditions. We are looking forward for loads of more beautiful moments with our sunshine!
Handmade decoration on her Babybed in the Hospital
Angel sleeping today!!!

Lea, our daughter, our LOVE!

One week ago, Netu and me, we were going into Hospital, some hours later, we were able to welcome our Lea!!! One week ago, and it feels, she lived with us for such a long time. She seems to be happy, Netu and me, we are absolutely happy and proud. 
Find below an unedited picture, no photoshop, just out of the camera!
Lea, our sunshine

April 2014

The following pictures are the pictures I have made today. 
This beautiful baby has 2 months and is the son of one of my working colleagues. Thank both of the parents having found the time to come over.

What eyes!
Smile Eloy, smile!

February 2014

My first newborn shooting

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