Results from another Photowalk in Barcelona

Shadows on Bike
Where is the market?

Barcelona Nippon Style
Playing around with Flashes

Some pictures from Saturday's Photowalk

In the streets of (not only) Barcelona

Some impressions from Les Encants

Pictures from our Welcome-Weekend after work Beer

Impressions from the Comics-Exhibition in Barcelona 
"Photographers" @ work
A discussion today at Fabrica Lehmann, Barcelona
Have a nice trip
Bon Voyage
Gute Reise
Resting and thinking
This is a typical scenery in Barcelona during the dry and warm season.
In this case it was just around the first spring days, which were sunny and very warm.
Every morning, I grab the Metro in Barcelona to go to work. Sometimes I bring along my camera.
This is a typical scenary on a very normal day. 

This picture shows Logroño, La Rioja, Spain in the early morning hours.
Every morning, the cleaning squad of the city cleans with water all the
streets of the city center. This photo was taken a few days before Eastern 2014

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