Saturday, 24 May 2014

3000 clicks in 6 Weeks!!!!

3000 clicks in 6 Weeks!!!!

You are the BEST!!!

Today is a special day! Together with you guys, this blog has just reached 3000 views!!! and this in only!!! 6 weeks!!! I want to use the opportunity to say a big thank you!!! 

Now, of course I would like to keep the pace. Toghether we can hold the pace! If you think, it is worth to share this blog about my way to a Photographer, please go ahead, like, share and comment on this blog. Let's make this blog more interactive. If you have any question about Photography, Gear and anykind of other doubts, please ask me. 

If you have a special knowledge and skills and you would like to share this with everybody, please speak to me to become a Guest-Blogger. 

Soon, I will introduce my Friends Beatriz and Riccardo to write something about their creative fields. 

So stay tuned, share and comment this and tell me, what you want me to improve. 

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