Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mid-Week Update

Mid-Week Update

After having got some kind of average results of my blood test (High triglycerides) and another half a week of very busy work, I am just relaxing and reviewing some of photos of the Shooting from past Saturday. I have discovered a few, which I did not take in my first selection. I think, sometimes it is important to try a second view on the picutres captured a few days after the first selection. 
In the Portrait Page, you can find new added pictures. Please stay tuned, I will continue to add more of the second selection. 

Resting and thinking
Please be aware, on Saturday I will have a session with my colleagues Baby, which has now 2 months. 
Hopefully, on Sunday or Monday, I will be able to post the first results. 

Please let me know, if you would like me to write about very speciffic subject regarding Photography. 
Send me a mail or comment on this post below. 

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