Monday, 21 April 2014

Step by Step

Step by Step

Step by step i will upload more and more pictures. Please click above on the bar, to choose the picture style you would like to see. 
As this is the first weekend, this blog is live, I will tell you quite a bit of information how it is going for the moment. 
As I am working full time in a Call Center in downtown Barcelona, I have limited time to improve quickly. But this is not the goal, the goal is, like the Camino, Step by Step. 
First of all, I am looking to find some photography courses and classes. During this year, I am looking to invest some of my money in better equipment. In order to improve the possibilities, this is absolutely needed. 
You can find some of the pictures I took from my first photography course by clicking here.
Today I will visit another course just around the corner of my house. 
My love, supporter, spirit, and beautiful and lovely girlfriend
I would like to thank my partner Netu for every kind of support she gives me. Please stay tuned, in August she will give birth to our new passion... our kid. She is as well about to open her business. Here you will find links and invitations, as soon it is official.

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